I have had a passion for sports and martial arts from a young age. Born and raised in Bangladesh my parents didn’t have the sort of cash lying around to send us to sport academies or private schools. I grew up playing football most of the time in Bangladesh and then moved to the United Kingdom.

Not having a lot of time to learn English and being unable to complete further education because of it, I joined to serve with the British Royal Marines. Other then a few play fights at school (over a sneakers bar haha!) it was with the Marines when I discovered combat sports (boxing). I learnt unarmed close quarter combat with the Marines, as well as how to live off the natural terrain. I stayed in the marines a few years before deciding to leave.

I didn’t have any plans on what I will be doing once I left the forces so I actually stumbled upon becoming a personal trainer, what started out as only a trial and error move has actually turned to be a professional career. Although it is not an easy job I have had to develop and horn my personal training skills from the get go, it has been rewarding. I played football in secondary school and carried on until I developed a frustrating injury by tearing my meniscus on my left knee. This however led me to concentrate and focus my time on something more controlled and respectable,

I took up MUAY THAI. I did come across this a few times before but never got around to putting my head down to it. I decide to learn and participate in amateur fights. I now teach and train most of my clients Muay Thai. I currently work as a self-employed personal trainer in and around London. In my spare time, I read and write, I`m an avid combat sports fan and watch all boxing, MMA , kickboxing and Thai boxing events. I train and participate in Muay Thai 6 days a week.

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